We are thrilled to announce the 20 innovators chosen as finalists for our Designing London’s Recovery programme.

Earlier this year, the Mayor of London launched an open call inviting Londoners to take a radically creative and collaborative approach to co-creating transformative solutions that would help London recover from the devastating impacts of Covid-19.

We received hundreds of compelling ideas from a wide range of innovators across London, and our judges panel was faced with the difficult task of shortlisting a set of Innovation Teams that will embark on a co-creation sprint to bring their solutions to life.

Now, 20 ideas…

As part of London’s Recovery Programme, the city set a goal for “every Londoner to have access to good connectivity, basic digital skills and the device or support they need to be online by 2025.” London’s Chief Digital Officer, Theo Blackwell, sets out the city’s new approach to digital access.

How do we avoid the digital divide becoming the next entrenched inequality? This is a question London and other cities across the world are seeking to answer as the experience of successive lockdown and restrictions has placed the spotlight on those who struggled to get online during the recent crisis.

From tech companies to local community groups: at City Hall we’re looking for passionate people and organisations with great ideas that will really make a difference to the future of Londoners today.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has launched Designing London’s Recovery, an open innovation challenge programme that puts design-led innovation at the heart of London’s recovery from COVID-19. This aims to support the city’s big missions on Helping Londoners into Good Work (jobs & skills), Building Strong Communities (social & inclusion projects), a Green New Deal (green transition), and High Streets for All (local economy).

We believe solutions to London’s biggest challenges don’t just come from the public sector alone but by working closely with innovators and Londoners directly from across the city.

Innovation briefs based on the…

Today sees the launch of the new and improved Talk London, City Hall’s online community and citizen engagement platform.

The site is currently in BETA as we gather more feedback and input from our users and Londoners to help inform the next rounds of development for Talk 3.0. Take a look and join the discussion here.

Talk London was set up to involve Londoners in sustained conversations about how to improve the capital, last year almost 11,000 new members joined, more than double the previous 12 months (4,500).

During such a challenging year, hearing directly from Londoners about COVID-19 was…

Today the Mayor’s London Plan comes into force. Under new requirements, for the first time, London will have specific planning policy to drive full fibre connectivity and improve mobile network coverage as well as encouraging smart city technology to improve data on the environment.

Full fibre as minimum in new developments

Policy SI6 of the London Plan sets a minimum standard for every new home and business in London to be able to receive full fibre broadband connections. …

To inform the development of an Emerging Technology Charter for London, in December 2020 the Smart London Team held a public consultation on Talk London — our online discussion and consultation platform with nearly 60,000 users from across London.

The consultation asked for Londoners’ views on technological progress as a whole and then posed a series of questions about emerging technology and the role the GLA and other public and private bodies play in its development and deployment in the city. …

A collaborative project between London’s boroughs and City Hall will launch in November, writes Peter Kemp.

London Planning Datahub — Go Live

Beginning in 2018, we launched a project to build a network of systems to unlock information about development proposals in London, and make it open, accessible and live. By automating how information on planning applications for development are collected and reported to City Hall, we aimed to reduce the burden on London’s Local Planning Authorities and improve the quantity and quality of data available to the public. You can read more about the project and its history here.

From bringing to life the problems and issues of everyday Londoners and crowd-sourcing ideas, to raising awareness of initiatives and gaining buy in for new projects, City Hall’s Talk London team talks through improvements to citizen engagement and how it plays an important role in the creation of City Hall’s policies and programmes.

Talk London is City Hall’s online community and citizen engagement platform, currently numbering nearly 60 thousand members. The platform is set up to run surveys and host discussions and has recently been used to talk to Londoners about the impact COVID-19 and the lockdown on their lives.

A plan to guide emerging tech innovations deployed the capital has been unveiled today by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

Sadiq is tasking the Smart London Board, Chaired by London’s Chief Digital Officer, to talk to citizens and innovators and develop a set of criteria that innovations should meet if they are deployed in the capital, delivered through an Emerging Technologies Charter for London.

New technologies being developed by London’s world-leading tech sector have the potential to make a positive impact for all who live, work and study in the capital — and I want London to be a…

London has a long history of events which have caused a whole or partial lockdown of the city. The Great Fire, the plague, the Blitz — these all have a place in the fabric of London’s culture and identity. The current lockdown and economic downturn will undoubtedly be remembered as a significant event in the history of the capital and as a shared experience with other cities across the world.

Moments like this tend to see an acceleration in changes to science, technology and culture. …

Smart London

@MayorofLondon CDO & Smart London Board putting data & technology at the heart of making London an even better place to live, work and visit

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